It is no secret that people prefer video over text. Who wants to go through long texts reading about a product when the same goal can be achieved by watching a short video? This not only saves time but is highly effective as well. No wonder video marketing mailers have gained such a huge importance in the past few years and the data proves it. Adopting these video mailers can significantly improve the prospects of a company.

  1. High-Quality Video:

    An LCD Video Mailer is a unique blend of traditional paper cards embedded with a modern LCD screen that contains a pre-recorded message. The card can be a soft cover card or a hard cover card. These cards can be highly useful for businesses as they help them reach their customers in a much more effective way and makes their message come across positively. It offers the best of both worlds as people can see short texts describing the product profile as well as a video message containing a well-laid-out presentation elaborating on the company's philosophy and the products on offer.
  2. Quick Preview:

    The best thing about video mailers is that they offer a quick preview of the company's products. When customers get to see the video profile of a company they remember it much better than ad banners and pamphlets. Printing obscure ads in newspapers and e-mail spamming have negative repercussions as the customers are most likely going to ignore these. There are millions of businesses online and those who fail to market themselves properly lose out on potential customers. It is difficult to capture the attention of people in the maze of marketing channels. Getting a video preview also helps in recalling the brand's name and consequently generates better leads for the company.
  3. Better viewership:

    Video mailers help you increase your viewership with the public. The high-resolution videos of these mailers make it appealing to customers and they are likely to check the services of your company. Video brochures are a great way to attract people to your brand and the attractive designs of the video card along with the audio-visual display would ensure that customers won't categorize it under junk mail! They won't throw it away like the tons of other pointless mail they get regularly.
  4. Increased organic traffic:

    As per Forbes, using a video on the landing page of your website can increase conversion by up to 86%. If you explain what your business does and the products offered by your company with a decent short video, customers would prefer it any day over reading long paragraphs of text to discover it for themselves. If people see your videos and it matches their product requirement, they are much more likely to visit your website and decide for themselves. The organic traffic received by your website has further advantages as it improves your SEO ranking. When your website lands on the first page of search engines, it amounts to establishing trust and the positive cycle continues.
  5. Improved sale conversion rate:

    According to Statista, approximately $221 billion was spent in the US alone for digital advertisement. A significant part of the ad spend is on the video segment. This is because companies realize that customers aren't interested in static advertisements anymore. To hold their attention a dynamic mode of advertisement is needed, laid out with relevant facts and figures with animated infographics. This captures the attention of the customers and improves the sale conversion rate of the company.
  6. Better message retention:

    The added advantage of video marketing mailers is that they help in retaining the intended message in a much more efficient way than traditional marketing strategies like direct mail and printed ads. These videos are short and catchy; the audio-visual demonstration of the product helps in embedding the company's brand image into the people's minds as human beings are visual creatures and they remember a moving image over a static text any day.
  7. Quality customer engagement:

    The problem with a printed ad is that it's a one-way mode of communication and there's limited scope for businesses to showcase their range no matter how greatly worded the advertisement. When you add the element of visual data and animation, owners can engage with their customers directly. The engagement is improved and people get a holistic view of the business.
  8. Enhanced brand recognition:

    Perhaps the most defining feature of these video mailers is their ability to quickly associate the company's brand image with the public consciousness. The video campaigns have a better reach among the public and they can recall the brand the moment they come across its product anywhere.


The world of marketing is transforming rapidly and it is important to keep up with the changing trends. Traditional marketing channels like printed ads and direct mail are not enough to carry the brand's image forward. Video marketing is the future and businesses have realized this. Companies are therefore trying to adopt a mixed mode of product campaigns wherein they mix the best of both worlds. An LCD video mailer provides just that! It has an LCD video screen embedded in a hard or soft paper cover. The video mailer contains a pre-recorded message with visual data and figures. This increases the appeal of the product even further as people are going to engage with the brand much more actively.