If you're ever in Sydney, make sure you experience its extraordinary culinary diversity, The vibrant city is home to more than 5 million people with a highly inclusive and diverse populace. The cosmopolitanism of Sydney has brought the best elements of different cultures to the fore. Its impact is everywhere - from art, architecture, and food. In fact, the culinary diversity of Sydney can rival the best cities in the world. From the crispy Italian dishes and elaborate French desserts to the spicy delights of Indian cuisine, the city is a haven for food enthusiasts. One food item that binds all culinary varieties is whipped cream. It is a staple in desserts and beverages. It's hard to resist the wavy flow of whipped cream, released from the cream canister.

Whipped cream is obtained from milk after whisking away the cream from it. The cream contains a good percentage of fat and is put over sweets, cakes, and icecreams to enhance the taste. Many such food items are incomplete without a dash of whipped cream. To savor the taste, however, you need quality whipped cream. You can find good quality whipped cream from dairy manufacturers based in the city. Dairy manufacturers like Nang Delivery Sydney specialize in packaging the cream into canisters. Whipped cream is pressure-filled into the canister with the help of nitrous oxide gas. The gas gets dissolved into the cream and gives it a light and airy appearance.

Why is Nitrous oxide used in the cream canister?

Nitrous oxide is a food-grade gas that can be used extensively in confectionary items. It's a colorless and non-inflammable gas. It has good fat-soluble properties which means it gets dissolved in the whipped cream easily. The gas particles go into the cream molecules and make them light. The whipped cream is pressure-filled inside the canister with a whipping siphon. The cream is released by a nozzle from the canister. Since nitrous oxide makes the whipped cream light, it becomes incredibly easy to pour the cream any way you want. 

Hand-made whipped cream requires a lot of effort. You have to stir the cream over and over again to achieve the right texture and smoothness. Instead of throwing your arm out while preparing whipped cream, it is much better to use canisters. It makes your life a lot easier as you get a feathery light cream at a moment's notice. You can pour it over confectionaries or cocktails and make your culinary experience even richer.

Applications of whipped cream

Whipped cream has a wide-ranging use. It makes the food and beverages a lot tastier and pairs well with a lot of food items.

  • Ice cream sundae:

    Perhaps the most widespread use of whipped cream is in ice cream toppings. Those delicious-looking ice cream sundaes with circularly spread whipped cream and red cherry on top are simply irresistible.
  • Cakes:

    Whether it's a birthday party or an anniversary celebration, a cake is mandatory. You can put whipped cream over the cake to further amplify the taste.
  • Pastries:

    If you have a soft spot for pastries, you'll enjoy it even more with whipped cream on top. Rhubarb, blueberry, chocolate tarts, and lemon pastries taste really good with a hint of cream on top.
  • Cookies:

    Why eat plain cookies when you can get so much creative with your baked goods?! Simply pick out your cream canister and let the cream spread cookie melt inside your mouth.
  • Milkshakes:

    Who doesn't like milkshakes? It is one of the best breakfast beverages ever. It is also a great snack beverage. Just serve it with some cream and enjoy it to your heart's content.
  • Fruits:

    While not a traditional pairing choice whipped cream and fruits go extraordinarily well. You can get your kids to eat their bananas and apples if they are mixed with custard and whipped cream.
  • Coffee:

    If you'd like some variety in your regular coffee, whipped cream is the ideal way to spruce up your morning beverage. You can even get creative with the cream while you spread it over the top.


Whipped cream makes for an exciting addon with several food and beverages. It makes everything better whether it's a sundae or a cocktail. Compared to hand-made whipped cream, canisters have much lighter and smoother cream as they are filled with culinary-grade nitrous oxide. The cream is pressurized into the canister with nitrous oxide gas; the gas dissolves into the fat globules and makes the whipped cream light and airy. While choosing the canister you should check the packaging. You should purchase from dairy manufacturers who use high-purity nitrous oxide such as Nang Delivery Sydney. There shouldn't be any oily residue or industrial aftertaste in the whipped cream.