If you are a fan of reality television shows, you must be knowing about the popular American show, Kitchen Nightmares. The show’s format involved Gordon Ramsay visiting failing restaurants, upon the owner’s request, to revive their business. Ramsay stayed with each restaurant for a week and tried looking at ways to help the owners make better business perspectives.

The concept of the show was based on the popular British show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. In the original show, Ramsay used to visit the collapsing restaurants and acted as the troubleshooter for them. Ramsay even took the initiative to visit the restaurant after a month or so to witness how the restaurant managed the business with his input.

In the American edition of the show, Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay visited restaurants across the country and tried to help the owners in bringing back the business. The show was produced by ITV Studios America and premiered on September 2007. The show was a success with the viewers looking forward to it and the final episode aired on September 2014.

In this post, we will be looking at the fate of fiesta sunrise from kitchen nightmares. The episode of Fiesta Sunrise aired on 13th November 2008 and was the 10th episode of the second season.

The Prelude to Fiesta Sunrise

Fiesta Sunrise was a Mexican Restaurant owned by the Flores family and was located in West Nyack, a town outside Newyork. The Flores family previously owned another Mexican restaurant name Fiesta Garibaldi which was opened in 1998 but closed eight years later due to disappointing business. Fiesta Garibaldi was an offshoot of the 1984 restaurant Fiesta Mexico in Orangeburg. Fiesta Mexico is a restaurant still functioning well and serving customers Mexican Cuisine.

The Fiesta Sunrise was owned by the Flores Family, where Patti and her mother Yolanda were the funders and creditors. Patti’s stepfather Vic was the manager of the restaurant. The major crisis of the restaurant was its financial strain and the mismanagement by Vic. Vic was someone who refused to be bounded by orders and obligations, he did whatever he thought was right without taking any input from the mother-daughter duo. This travesty of management and planning was the reason the restaurant was facing major losses.

Ramsay’s impression of Fiesta Sunrise

Right from the moment, Gordon entered the restaurant, he noticed traces of mismanagement which was evidently the reason behind the failing business. The nameplate of the restaurant read “Grill 303” and moreover, most of the glass cutleries had Fiesta Garibaldi labels on them, which meant the owners didn’t take the effort for branding. Even the menu was used from the last restaurant with only a sticker hiding the previous logo.

On being questioned Vic explained that they have come to the same menu and the chef, but only the location and the name of the restaurant changed. Although the restaurant had a big capacity of about 120 people and a large kitchen but mismanagement was the main cause behind its financial failure. Ramsay genuinely felt that the restaurant was overstaffed and underworked with piles of rotten or bad-quality foods stuffed away in the freezer.

Food inspection by Ramsay

Ramsay took into himself to taste the food prepared right from the complimentary appetizer drink to a Mexican meal. Ramsay felt that the complimentary drink was too strong for an appetizer and the food served looked cooked at least a week away. For the meal, Ramsay ordered a combination of Taco, Burrito, and Enchilada along with a Fajita and Pina Colada.

Ramsay believed that the combination looked quite unimpressive when served on a plate and the taste even failed to impress him. The chicken seemed dry, the beef inedible, and the rice felt like it was cooked weeks ago. The only item Ramsay liked was the Pina Colada. Although Vic tried to deny the accusations, Ramsay invaded the Kitchen during the dining service and had hold of enough proof to prove his point.

Then with a dramatic turn of events, Ramsay displayed the rotting food to the customers and asked them to leave the food as it is both unhygienic and stale. Gordon takes up things into his own hands to revive the fate of the restaurant for good.

The makeover by Ramsay

The episode airing fiesta sunrise in kitchen nightmares saw Ramsay taking some serious decisions for the restaurant's hopeful future. He calls for Julieta, an expert in Mexican cuisine to help with the remodelling of the menu and changes the decor of the restaurant for good. He replaces the plain white furniture with modern black chairs and red covers for the table. He included wooden shutters in place of white curtains and removed the ceiling decorations and the glass partitions.

Together with the help of Julieta, Gordon remodelled a simple and elegant menu and make the restaurant ready for the relaunch.

The Financial Catastrophe and the Closing

Although Ramsay tried helping the owners of Fiesta Sunrise to revive their fortune but the tragic wind-up of the restaurant was evident from their financial numbers. The restaurant needed to make a business of $90,000 per month to break even but they were making 1/3rd of that dealing with an annual loss of around $500,000. And this led to the restaurant having a debt of about $850,000 in only 18 months of its journey.

It is unusual to revive from that sort of financial trauma and so controversially the restaurant closed even before the episode was aired. However, if you are planning to learn the skills of restaurant management you can try playing Hotel Game like Star Chef 2 and have a general idea of the management to begin with.