A head shaver is a common device for getting rid of hair on the scalp. Gone are the days when shaving hair was a time-consuming process. Nowadays, the job can be done in a matter of minutes effortlessly. Electric head shavers have evolved tremendously over the years and they are being made keeping in mind several factors such as the shape of the head and its contours, adaptability to the tricky contours of the same, and sensitivity of the skin among others. Many companies that manufacture head shavers recommend using shaving foams or similar gels to lubricate the scalp before they get started with shaving. 

How To Use An Electric Head Shaver?

There are procedures for doing everything in life. You may be a pro in using an electric head shaver or you can be a rookie. There are steps people have to follow to know their way around a head shaver. There is a first time for everything. Different lengths of hair need different kinds of shaves. Here is how you can ace head shaving:

  • For dry shaves, make sure that the hair is not long because, after a certain length, you may have to yank the hair out. This can lead to uneven shaves, burns on the skin, and other irritations. You need to have stubble to make the shave even and harmless. If you are using rotary shavers, rotating them in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions can work wonders on the scalp. Do not, however, restrict yourself to only these kinds of motions.
  • You can use the head shaver for men at right angles and move the device against the direction of the growth of hair. If you shave using this procedure, you can make sure that the shaver covers most of the scalp. You do not have to stick to a circular motion to get the work done. As you get more and more adept with the device, you will take less time to shave and probably will be able to skip a step or two.
  • Lubricants act as a protective layer between the shaver and the scalp. They can protect the latter from burns and bumps. The lubricants can be in the form of gels and shaving foam. These liquids can also be used to get rid of excess oil. Regular baby power can also be considered an equivalent to gels. To make the skin dry, you can also use pre-shave products that are alcohol-based.
  • Massage the scalp thoroughly after you have applied the gel or foam. Make sure you have covered the entire scalp. This will only make it easier for the shaver to carry out its work. Rub your scalp for about five minutes before using the shaver.
  • Remember to use mirrors while you are shaving your scalp because you will be able to see the areas you are working on. Another thing mirrors are necessary for is to see if your work is even or not. 
  • Do not apply a lot of pressure to your scalp while using the electric shaver and especially if it is a rotary one because using a shaver like that will only bring discomfort and worse. The shaver should be cleaned to get rid of the skin and remaining hair stuck on the blades. Also, buy replacement blades every 3 to 6 months. A head shaver for men has to be used with or without water as per the instructions stated.

How To Clean A Head Shaver For Men?

Head shavers will have hair trapped in the blades that have to be gotten rid of before being used again. Also, do not use water to clean the shavers that cannot withstand it. You will be risking irreversible damage to the shaver. In the case of rotary shavers, you will have to take the blades out for cleaning the same. They have to be cleaned separately. Cleaning them once a month would be enough. Cleaning these shavers can take some time, however. Do not mix the cutters and drapers, though, as they look similar. If you mix them up then the performance of the blades will be subpar. 

The blade and the comb of the shaver can be washed using water then you can air dry the shaver. Once they are dry, you can use cleaners to clean the blades and the inner part of the shaver as it is disassembled. Since they are disassembled, make sure the order in which you separated the parts of the shaver if you are cleaning it for the first time. By doing this, you will find it easier to assemble the parts once you are done cleaning the shaver.


Many a head shaver for men has an LED display and lithium battery. The best ones have a rotation speed of 10,000 RPM and can be used wirelessly. They can also be recharged fast and are also made highly mobile so that they can be used on the go.